Meet the Sleuths


Code Name: SuperMike

I am a blessed man. I grew up under the training of great christian parents, was raised in a good church, and was educated in a christian environment. I have been privileged to work within the ministries of my local church almost all of my working career. I have been given much. I have been taught much. And I have a whole lot to learn! I am constantly making mistakes in my walk of life, and I hope that we can all learn more about our Savior together.

Code Name: My Beautiful Bride

She is my greatest supporter. She is my loudest cheerleader. She is my help and encouragement. She is almost always right... about everything. And the times that she is wrong - she just has not been able to prove that she was right in the first place. She remembers stuff. She even remembers things that happened to me better than I remember them myself. She gives her all into every project she undertakes. She does not know how to do anything half hearted. Every single good idea I have ever had, has originated from My Beautiful Bride. I love this lady, and am so grateful that I have the privilege of calling her mine!

Code Name: Squirmy Worm

This kid is a crazy, creative child. He can dream up the greatest of adventures, and the most amazing stories. He can build things out of Legos that I can't even imagine. He doesn't just draw a picture, he draws an epic adventure. He loves to pretend to be a super hero, spy, or whatever else that plays across his imagination. He is outgoing and loves to be with others. He is a born leader, and is always ready to take charge wherever he goes. His mind is a sponge, and he soaks up every piece of information he is given. The Lord has given him a loving and tender heart. He is compassionate, and cares about the needs of others. He is my buddy, and I enjoy the time we spend growing together.

Code Name: Tadpole

This girl is a firecracker! She is a bundle of enthusiasm and energy. She has a million facial expressions, and knows how to use them. She is always on the move. She is our "redneck princess". She can go outside in her glitter and lace, and get muddier than any of the boys. She is a quintessential blond. When she is in her own world, she is fully disconnected from reality. No matter what it is that is happening around her, it does not matter, she is dancing on a stage somewhere. She is outgoing and friendly. She knows how to put a smile on anyone's face. She is a precious gem, and I treasure her.