All About Case Closed

Every single day is an adventure! We never know what the next moment may hold. Sometimes we are enjoying the blessings of perfect fellowship as a loving family. Others we are struggling to make it through the next moment without causing physical damage to one another. One day we are amazing parents, and the next day we wonder why the Lord would ever allow us to even reproduce. There are times that our kids amaze us with how mature they have become. Then there are times we must shake our heads in wonder as we clean up the mess they have created. Yes, we live an adventure every day.
Have you ever felt overwhelmed by your adventures? Do your adventures ever make you feel like your life is a battle? Have you ever felt that you are completely alone in your struggles within your home, work, and spiritual life? Have you ever found yourself thinking that everyone else has it all together, and you seem to be the only one that cannot figure it all out? Do you sometimes feel that you are the only one struggling to be the Christian you want to be, because everyone else looks so perfect?
Well, I can tell you that you are not alone! The Case family is struggling right along with you. What we often fail to remember is that everyone else is just pretending to have it all together, just like we try to do. We all struggle.
Through all of these struggles, through every adventure, there is always one constant. The Lord is always there to teach us through these moments. There is a lesson in every adventure. There is a truth to be gleaned from every blessing and every trial. There is so much we can learn from this adventure we call life - if we are willing to seek out what lessons the Lord has for us.
Here at Case Closed we invite you to follow every week as we dive into one of the adventures of the Case family. Here we take a look at one of those little every day adventures and try to see what lesson God has for us. You will find that we don't always learn as quickly as we should. We often make silly mistakes. And sometimes, we really get ourselves into a mess, but that's why everyday is an adventure around the Case household!
We end every adventure with a virtue. I firmly believe that our actions are determied by the virtues the Spirit of God plants within us. We live our lives out of our virtues. It could be that many of our struggles in life are caused because of a lack of virtue. We end every adventure with a simple note as a constant reminder for us to work on the inside before we try to tackle the outside.
We hope that you will join us every week in learning from these little adventures of life. I hope that it will help you learn from your own adventures as well. Perhaps together we can find the truths of God's Word hidden in the adventures of life. I pray that we will end each day with a CASE CLOSED!