Seasons of Change

Seasons of Change

Welcome to the Case Archives!

“What’s that?” you may ask. Well, it’s something new here to the Case Closed site! I hope y’all will enjoy this new series because I am pleased as punch to get to share with you all something that is near and dear to my heart… our life!

Our crazy, messy, beautiful life!


You will get updates about what we are up to, what my wild and crazy, I mean sweet and precious children are doing. You’ll get to see our cooking adventures, what homeschooling looks like for us, field trips, and in all, you will just get to see us for who we are.

If you think you will find a picture perfect family… well, I’ll burst that bubble of yours soon enough.
I am so excited to be sharing with y’all more of our everyday lives. You will see our family is just like yours! Sometimes we are wild and crazy. Other times we are so boring you’ll wonder why you even want to read our updates.

I love to give newsy updates! So be prepared. I also love to share pictures! So brace yourself. I also tend to write just like I talk (A little bit Southern). So deal with it.

And boy howdy do I have a doozy of a first update for y’all! Put a seatbelt on and make sure your tray tables are in an upright and locked position. I’m not joking y’all!

A little back story first.

My wonderful husband moved from Alaska all the way to Florida back in 2001. So, he is a transplant. I joked with him the other day that he has been in Florida for so long now (17 years!) that he is no longer an Alaskan but he isn’t really a Floridian. I called him a Flor-askan. He is so special that he has his own group of people. 🙂

Me? I am a born and raised Polk County girl! Even after marrying my crazy Alaskan, the Lord had us stay put. I have lived within the same 10 or so miles my entire life. All 33 years er… 34 years of my life! (I had to do some math to remember how old I am.)

Even though we have lived in the same area for so long all that is about to change in just over a month. Yep, you read that right. We are moving!

The Case Family is heading out on a new adventure! The Lord has opened doors for Michael to become an Assistant Pastor at a church in Port Charlotte, Florida! We are so excited!

So as you can imagine life has gotten very interesting for us as we prepare for this move. With all of the traveling that takes place during the summer, we have squeezed in every other moment to begin prepping for our big move.

We have done a whole bunch of cleaning and sprucing up the house for its big debut on the housing market. We are also prepping for our first big moving sale tomorrow. (Shameless advertisement for any locals who want to come get some great deals!) We have also made those tough decisions like “Do we keep all my mason jars or do we sell Michael’s car?” The mason jars will win every time y’all!

The Lord has been so good to us. He has lead us down this path and while it is a little scary to think that next month I will be leaving “home” I rest in His undeniable peace.

In other news, We will be heading up to Alaska soon so I can’t wait to share all our fun adventures. We will get to see some of Michael’s family, I get to visit with my best friend and meet her newest little one, and Michael will be helping out with a VBS. We are also going to play tourist for a couple days!

So stay tuned every other Friday for a new post! You never know what kind of crazy will be happening over here!

Here’s to embracing the crazy.

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  1. Hurry up and get up here “youall”, or is it “yall”, Don’t matter, we are excited and waiting patiently. Oh, by the way, bring jackets. 🙂 You won’t be in Florida no more toto!

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