The Erring Equipment

The Erring Equipment

I was called out to help a good friend in need.  The problem was, I had no idea how to help with this jumble of wires.

It was late in the evening when I got the call.  The air conditioning at our Church had stopped working, and there were only a few hours left in the day.  My friend had been toiling away at the problem since early dawn and had yet to solve the issue.  If things were not repaired by the next morning our Church services would have been quite miserable.  The auditorium would have been quite the oven in this summer heat.

I don’t know the first thing about air conditioning or how it works.  But, my friend had called everyone else he could think of, and as he put it, was running out of phone-a-friends.  I knew that I was not going to be of much help, but I figured that I might be of moral support at the very least.

When I got there he started trying to explain what was going on.  I smiled and nodded a lot, but really didn’t grasp much of what he was saying.  I was thankful to learn that the biggest thing he needed was for someone to hold the “dumb” end of the wire while he took some readings.  As we started taking a closer look at the voltages passing along the wire – it was obvious that something was not right.  Nothing we looked at was making sense.  I would be on one end of the wire with the needed 24 volts, but he would be on the other end with only 3 volts.  We were so confused.  We even tried replacing the wire, but that didn’t change a thing.  Finally, we dug down into the electrical box itself, and the readings were all wacky there as well.

Eventually, I grabbed my meter out of the car to help take readings a little faster.  I started noticing that I was not getting the same readings he was.  I walked over to the electrical box and according to my meter – everything was normal.  What we instantly started to realize was that the meter my friend was using was not giving the correct readings.  The meter could have been shot, or the batteries were weak – either way it was no longer trustworthy.  We assume that it was working correctly earlier that day, but at some point, it went caput.  My friend had spent the rest of his day trying to track down an electrical problem with a faulty meter.

Once he realized that his readings were wrong, he was able to track down the problem and get it fixed in a relatively short amount of time.  He really didn’t need my help at all!  His problem was not a lack of knowledge or skill.  His problem was that his equipment was giving him false information.

As Christians, we must be sure that our faith is placed in things that are worthy of our trust.  We must base our decisions and future upon the inerrant Word of God.  We must make sure that we do not base our choices on our own faulty feelings or emotions.  We must learn to build our lives upon the solid rock of Christ, for any other foundation will certainly crumble.

We also should strive to be consistent and trustworthy in our own lives.  People should be able to place their confidence in us and know that we will come through.  We should strive for the faithfulness of Christ.  He certainly has been consistently faithful to us.  We should endeavor to add that kind of faithfulness to our own character.


Have you ever found yourself placing your faith is something untrustworthy?  Have you ever placed your faith in Christ and found that you can always count on Him?  In what things do you think we often place too much faith?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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