Being Double Dead

Being Double Dead

Just one question:  How many times will I need to shoot at this stupid snake until it finally dies!

We came home a little late that night.  I was in a rush to get the munchkins off to bed, but tadpole was more interested in looking for another lizard (she does love her lizards).  As I encouraged her to make her way towards the house she started to get excited.  I was thinking, “leave the poor lizard alone and get in the house already!” Tadpole, on the other hand, was totally distracted by what she just saw; “Daddy, I think I see a… a snake!”

I still pushed and prodded her towards the front door, but along the way, I wondered, “Did she really see a snake?”  I do not have any problems with snakes, I actually like having a few around to keep the poisonous snakes, rats, and other pests away.  My Beautiful Bride, however, believes that all snakes should be eliminated from the face of the planet.  She has recently complained that a snake has made our back porch its home.  She is convinced that it has started a family down there.  I realized that if there really was a snake – I probably should do something about it.

I grabbed my toy turned tool and went snake hunting.  With the most expert of aim, I popped that little viper right in the eye!  It writhed around a bit, but that thing was instantly dead.  (I praise my own marksmanship here completely ignoring the fact that first few shots were complete misses – I claim they were just practice shots anyway.)  I could tell that the snake was dead, that was obvious.  Yet, something compelled me to place the pistol up against its head and pull the trigger.  Oddly, it did not react to this.

The Lord allowed this little snake to slither on by our home so I could realize something.  Once you are dead – you are dead.  Aren’t you blown away by my great insight!  I realized that you can’t be slightly dead or a little bit dead.  You are either dead – or your not.  You can’t be double dead or really dead.  When you’re dead – your dead!

We often can look at others in their sin and begin to compare ourselves among ourselves.  We see one sinner as horribly wicked and often see ourselves not quite as bad.  Sure, I may be a sinner, but I am not as wicked as they are!  I might have a problem with sin, but I am not as depraved as others.  This makes us think that we are better than they are in some way, but that simply is not true.  The truth is that the Scriptures teach us that the wages of sin is death, that we are all dead in our trespasses and sins.  I don’t care if you want to claim that you are just a little dead because you only have a little sin – you are still dead.  Because when you’re dead – you’re dead!

All of us are in the same state.  I don’t care how good you think you are, and I don’t care how bad you think they are.  We all need Christ.  We all need His grace.  We all need His salvation.  We need to stop looking at others through our own eyes and see them through the righteousness of Christ.  We all fall short.  We all fail Him.  We all come miserably short of His goodness.  We all have a long way to go!

May we turn to Christ daily for His gracious mercy and goodness to us.  May we learn to share that mercy with others.  If you have never trusted Christ as your personal Savior – I encourage you to do that today!  (If you don’t know how someone gets saved, CLICK HERE, I pray this will help you understand.  If you have any questions at all feel free to contact me)


Do you ever find yourself thinking more highly than you ought?  Do you ever see yourself as better than others?  How do you think this affects us?  How do you think it affects our ability to share the gospel with others?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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