The Lizard Lassie

The Lizard Lassie

Our sweet little Tadpole has been chasing lizards left and right lately.  It has been the cutest thing, it has also caused some of the biggest issues as of late.

If Tadpole spots a lizard out on the porch she will jump and scream with excitement!  She then makes a big production out of trying to catch the little reptile.  She sneaks up on it so cautiously and then is startled at every little move it makes.  She is certainly not great at actually catching them, but she has managed to corner one or two with some help.

The first lizard she ever caught was such an enthralling experience for her, but when it was explained that the lizard did not get to live with her – it caused her to go into a full meltdown.  The next few were not much better.  This little girl has such a difficult time controlling her emotions over these little baby dinosaurs!  She works so hard at catching them and has the hardest time ever letting them go.  Even in the process of trying to catch one, if she has her hands on it and it wiggles away, she is so distraught and her emotional state becomes extremely volatile.

At times like these I am so grateful that I grew up in a Christian family, was raised in Church, and was given a great Christian education.  All these blessings mean that I have been given so much Bible and know exactly how to deal with every single one of these problems!  It is so good to know as a parent that when my daughter is struggling with her emotions, I know exactly what to do!

Oh, how I wish that were true!   It is amazing how helpless I can be sometimes.  I sit here writing this article just thinking back on today alone.  Today, was a rough day.  Today was a day where my children were not on their best behavior.  Today was a day that, honestly, I was not on the top of my spiritual game as a Father.  Today I had multiple disciplinary meetings with my munchkins.  Today was a day that I did not earn any Fatherhood Awards.

As I look back at how I handled the day, I realized that my children were not the only ones in the wrong.  I allowed my children’s disobedience to control my emotions.  I lost my temper with my children today.  I did not consistently deal with their sin as I should have.  I leaned too heavily on the side of punishment and did not show forth the mercy, compassion, forgiveness, and love of Christ as I should have.  I tried to point them from their sin to the loving arms of a Savior, but I fear that my own temper gave them a very poor example of a loving Heavenly Father.

I have been so confused at how Tadpole could lose her emotional composure over a little lizard.  Today the gentle Spirit of God whispered in my ear, “You just lost your temper over something smaller than a lizard.”

I am a mess as a Father!  I have had to apologize to my children today for not living out the virtues of Christ as I should have.  Today, I was not shown how wicked and sinful my children can be.  Today I have been reminded of how wicked I am.  I was shown once again how much I need my Savior to work in me to produce these virtues that are so contradictory to my flesh.  My prayer is that the next lizard that comes around, Tadpole and I will both do a little bit better!


I don’t think I am alone in being a parent that has lost their temper with their children.  How do you respond to your kids when you realize that you were in the wrong?  What helps you remember to discipline in love?  Let us know your thoughts below, I for one can use the help!

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3 thoughts on “The Lizard Lassie”

  1. Hang in there kid. I remember many days like that. I also was greatly encouraged when you told me one day that the reason you wanted to be the Christian you are is because I was always “real” and never tried to act to you kids like I was a “super spiritual” Christian. You will never know how much that encouraged me. Just keep being “real” and unashamed to ask forgiveness. Your kids will respect you for it.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement 🙂 I pray that one day my children will be able to say the same thing. I wish not to act like a Christian, I pray that it will be real in my life.

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