The Unfaithful Ford

The Unfaithful Ford

It is always a blessing to see my wife’s number come up on the caller ID of my phone.  Okay, maybe not always…

I had just started work when I received the call.  “Honey, the truck won’t start.”  Immediately I groaned.  After all, it was only a few weeks back that I had to replace the battery (you can read more about that here).  Then it was just a week later I learned that the battery had not really been bad – it was my alternator, so I changed that as well.  What could it be this time?!  Did I not tighten the bolts on the alternator properly?  Was the battery I purchased a dud?  What in the world is going on with our truck!?

After getting everyone where they needed to go, I came back to try and figure out what to do next.  My Beautiful Bride was correct – the truck wouldn’t start.  I opened the hood and stared at the engine for a while because that is what you are supposed to do I guess.  My frustration was clear!

After cranking the engine for almost a minute a huge plume of black smoke filled the front yard as it finally began to start.  I immediately drove it to my favorite garage (props to Johnnys Automotive) for repair.  Along the way, it stalled twice.  I told them everything I knew about the problem, which basically was that the truck ain’t right, and left it in their wonderful care.  They worked their magic and I once again have a working truck. How long will it last, I have no idea.

I know that it has been fixed, but I still wonder if it’s going to start tomorrow morning.  I question if there is something else that is going to break.  Will it leave me and my family stranded again?  Will I be getting another wonderful call from my Beautiful Bride sometime soon?  I have come to realize that I just don’t have the faith in my truck that I once had.

We have had this truck for a good long while, and in that time it has been a great vehicle for us.  I never used to worry about it.  These last few weeks have been the only times that it has left us stranded.  These are the only times that it can recall it failing to start.  Yet, despite its faithfulness in the past – I have lost the ability to trust it like I once did.

I have seen this week the importance of faithfulness in a new light.  I have begun to realize how quickly faithfulness can be destroyed.  Years of faithfulness can be lost with one small act.  Faithfulness is only good as long as it remains constant!

The Word of God has told us that “Moreover it is required in stewards, that a man be found faithful.”  Faithfulness is important to God!  He not only asks for us to love and serve Him, he asks us to do it faithfully.  Everything we do as Christians should be described with faithfulness.  I have seen this week how easily I can fail in my faithfulness to the Savior.  Oh, how I desire that he would find me faithful!


How important do you think faithfulness should be for a Christian?  In what area do you think it is the most important to remain faithful?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!

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  1. Puts a new light on “When the Son of man cometh shall He find faith on the earth” Luke 18:8. You may have been faithful for 30+ years, but the day before He comes, you decide to quit……WOW. Stay faithful, no matter what.

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