The Green Patch

The Green Patch

Tadpole found one comfy green spot in the midst of our dusty yard.  How is this one patch of grass so green when it has been so dry?

We have been lacking in rain around these parts.  We do thank the Lord that He did answer prayer the other night and gave us a little bit of liquid sunshine.  We came out in the morning and said, “Wow, there are actual little shoots of green!”  We still could use some more rain though.  I did not realize how dry it really was until I was looking at some pictures.  This shot is of our backyard a few years ago:

This is what our yard looked like a few weeks ago:

The lack of rain is really taking a toll on our yard!  Our entire county is covered by a burn ban.  Just last week we had three or more small brush fires in our little town.  The yards in our area are looking more brown than green. My yard is simply not going to survive if they don’t get some water soon.

Yet, there is that one patch of green.  That one patch that stays green no matter what.  The other day I went out to mow the lawn.  There were a few weeds I had to knock down because they had gotten fairly high, but overall the yard did not need much mowing – except for that one patch.  That patch caused my mower to bog down.  The grass was so thick and full that the mower almost stalled going through it.

Why does this patch always stay so green?  Well, that is because it is growing over the drainage system for my house.  It always grows so well because it is always near a source of water.  This patch of grass does not care if it rains or not – it is always plugged into a good source or water.

God desires us to be like this green patch of grass.  God wants us to thrive as Christians.  That is not possible unless we plant ourselves where we can consistently draw from the well of God’s grace.  This could apply to being in a good Church, or even to faithfully search truths from the Word of God.   Each of these items is necessary and important, but they are not enough in and of themselves.  These items only work if they assist in drawing you closer to the Savior – the only one who can give the water of life we so desperately need.

Far to often I have found my spiritual life dry and dusty.  I am still reading my Bible, praying, and attending church; but if I was honest, I would have to admit that I was lacking in my personal walk with the Lord.  My relationship with Him is not as close as it should be.  I find myself falling more in love with the world, and less in love with Christ.  Every time I have lost sight of the importance of that personal relationship my faith begins to falter.

May we all learn to sink our roots deeply into the only true source of life-giving water!  To love Him, and make that our main priority.  May we not only be faithful in the public areas of our faith but more importantly in the private and personal areas.  May we truly learn how to be a spiritually thriving green patch in a drought filled world.


Do you ever find yourself in a spiritual drought?  Have you ever strived to be faithful to all the “religious” things, and yet are dying of spiritual thirst?  What is it that you were missing?  What helped you dig your roots deeper into Christ?  Let us know in the comments below!

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