The Toy Turned Tool

The Toy Turned Tool

I bought a toy.  I knew it was nothing but a toy.  But it was okay because it made me happy and it was all my Father-in-law’s fault!

Somewhat of a tradition was started by my Father-in-law on the first Easter I ever spent with him.  We had just finished our egg hunt when he decided to grab his pellet gun.  We set up an egg on the far side of the yard and competed to see who was the best shot.  Ever since then we seem to naturally have brought out some kind of firearm during our family Easter gatherings.  One year, out of desperation, we even pulled out a paintball gun.

When our family joined together for Easter this year I instinctively pulled something out of the closet for us to play with.  My grandfather had passed along a couple of little BB guns and we had a great time shooting them.  My favorite statement was from Squirmy after he hit one of the targets.  “Wow, I wasn’t even aiming at that one!”

I enjoyed plinking away that afternoon, but I was a bit underwhelmed by the pistols.  They are perfect for teaching a child how to shoot.  Just big and heavy enough to be a real gun, but weak enough to be of no real danger to anyone.  It was this lack of power that caused me to feel a little disheartened.  I mean, when you hit an empty bottle dead on and it doesn’t even fall down – something is just wrong!

So I began looking for something with a little more oomph.  I had enough money set aside to purchase something like this, but I knew that I really didn’t need it.  I knew that my money was probably better spent elsewhere…  Well, I wasn’t going to let that stop me!  So, I now am a proud owner of a Crosman P1377 American Classic Multi Pump .177-Caliber Pneumatic Pellet Air Pistol.  I make it sound more awesome than it really is, but I have really enjoyed taking it in the backyard and messing up some soda cans!

We were working out in the yard the other day when we came across a few black snakes.  Now I know that these snakes are actually good to have around.  They take care of the rodents and chase off the more dangerous vipers.  This, however, does not matter when my Beautiful Bride does not want them around.  So, I took it upon myself to see if we could rid our yard of a few of them.

I could have used my machete, a shovel, a rake, or a myriad of other items – but I had a new toy!  I grabbed my new gun and tried to sharp shoot the best I could.  I quickly realized that a snake’s head is quite small, especially from a distance.  I would never claim to be the best shot, but I at least can keep it on the target.  This snake, however, eluded me for a few rounds.  It wasn’t until I had it cornered up against the house, and placed the gun a few inches away from it, that I was able to pop it. 

This did not give me great satisfaction as I knew that I had not really “hit” it.  I was given another chance though when a slightly larger snake slithered up behind us.  I grabbed the gun and took aim.  After a couple of close ones, I finally nailed it right behind its head!  I might have done a little victory dance but that cannot be truly proven because, I am very happy to report, my Beautiful Bride did not get any documented video evidence of such a reaction.

My gun was not purchased with this need in mind; I chose it for this need.  This gun was not necessarily designed as a snake gun, but I decided that is what I wanted to use it for.  I knew that there were other items available to me that could do the job so much better, but I chose to use this little pistol.  And when the shot hit its mark, I was ecstatic about it!

It made me think.  I know that my God has more power than I could ever imagine.  He could have His will accomplished in much easier ways than to use us, but He chose us.  But it amazes me, even more, when I think that He has chosen me!  I know how worthless I truly am.  I don’t have great talents or wondrous gifts to offer my Lord, yet He has chosen to use me!  What a glorious thought!

Even more astonishing is when I realize that God takes pleasure in my service to Him!  When I accomplish something for Him, as small as it might be, He rejoices in it.  What a joy it is to know that I have the ability to please my Savior with my life.  It is not because I am special.  It is not because I have anything to offer.  It is simply because He has chosen me!


My friend, is it not amazing that an almighty God would choose us to serve Him?  Have you ever really thought of how many others could do so much better than you?  Do you ever fail to do what God desires because you feel that you are not enough?  What do think of this, that God has chosen you to serve Him?  Let us know in the comments below.

Sure, you can send this article to anybody you want. And, if you’re REAL awesome, you’ll even tell them where it came from!

4 thoughts on “The Toy Turned Tool”

  1. Amen, I agree 100%. It is a honor to serve and be used of my Lord. I am always humble to think that he would even want to use me. Praise the Lord for his mercy and grace.

  2. Ok I know that this is totally different from what you got from it, and I hope I don’t offend…but it made me think of this. Satan is often pictured as a serpent, and we are given the tools needed to defeat Satan, through the Word of God. But oh so many times we decide to do it our own way. Instead of setting up the safe guards, like flea youthful lusts, we try to dabble in it and take shots at it. Instead of killing the snake from the distance of a long pole, we try to shoot it with a pellet gun. Not sure if my tired mind makes sense?
    Anyways, it was still a good article, and I will share this. 🙂

    1. Excellent thought! It is amazing how the Lord can use the same circumstance to teach multiple lessons. It is true that we often don’t take sin as seriously as we should. We figure that it is not that dangerous, or that we can handle it. It is always wiser to deal with the issue of sin immediately and thoroughly!

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