The Slave-driving Spouse

The Slave-driving Spouse

I think that almost every husband has a honey-do-list lying around somewhere.  My beautiful bride has taken things to a whole new level!

I came home to find that my Beautiful Bride was all smiles.  She had a very productive day and was excited to show me something that she just couldn’t wait for me to find later on.  My mind raced at what wonderful thing she had done for me, but I was certainly not prepared for what I was about to see.  She walked over to the desk and pulled out a document that she had entitled, “Steps to Make Your Wife Happy”.  I was a little confused, how could she be married to me and not be happy?

In the past, I recalled that she had mentioned something about fixing up the yard before.  I have even done a project here or there, but my focus was always more on function than features. When my Beautiful Bride would mention something to “pretty up the place” it often landed pretty low on my priority list.  Now I no longer have a list.  I have an entire blueprint to guide me.

I first looked at these designs and descriptions and saw only two things, dollar signs and work.  I began to groan in my spirit.  I think that I forced a smile as I said, “Wow, you really put a lot of work into this didn’t you.”  I attempted to look happy about what was handed to me, but all I could see was what it would take to make it all happen.  This was not going to be easy!  Does my wife really need to be this happy?

It took a few days, but as I looked over things I realized that my Beautiful Bride was not giving me a list of projects to do over the next few days, weeks, or even year.  She was just trying to clarify some of her wants and desires for our yard.  It wasn’t that she was demanding these things, but that she was sharing her dreams with me.  As my outlook of the blueprints changed, so did my desire to accomplish them.  I stopped focusing on the work and more on the why.  If I do these things – she will be happy.  I like making my Beautiful Bride happy!

It is such a comfort to know that the Lord has done the same for us.  God does not make us guess at how to please Him.  He has given us His Word to guide and direct our lives.  We can know that if we are following His Word, then He is pleased.  It is almost like you to subtitle the Word of God, “Ways to Make God Happy”.  Yes, it is going to involve work on our part.  Following Christ is not always easy, but if we truly love Him we will keep His commandments.

Now, I could ignore my Beautiful Bride’s blueprints, and she would continue to love me just the same.  She would still cook the meals, clean the house, care for the family, and all the other wonderful things she does.  She would still be my wife, but she wouldn’t be as happy as she could be.  I know that her happiness does not depend solely upon having a beautiful yard, but it is something she desires.  If she does not get it, it’s simply because I did not care enough for her.

The same is true for our Savior.  Even when we don’t follow His Word, He still is willing to save us, He still loves us, provides for us, and so much more.  But He is not as happy, nor as pleased with us as He could be.  The fault is not His – the fault is ours.  He gave us His desires, it is up to us to follow them.  We have the opportunity to show our love to Him by the way we follow His blueprints.


Do you ever get so bogged down in the work of following Christ that you forget why you are following Christ?  How do you keep your focus where it should be?  What encourages you to do the things that are difficult?  Let us know what you have learned in the comments below!

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