The Ill-Fitting Shoe

The Ill-Fitting Shoe

I was given a pile of used shoes this week.  It was a tremendous blessing!  Some of them fit and some of them didn’t, but none fit me as poorly as the pair I didn’t even try on!

The fact was, my dress shoes were done.  The soul had worn through and by the end of the day, my feet were killing me.  I knew I had to break down and finally purchase a new pair, but I hate shopping!  I half-heartedly looked around a few places but never came across anything that would work.  I needed to go to, GASP, the mall!

It was with this burden weighing upon my heart that I woke up one morning to see a box on the desk.  It had my name on it but I hadn’t ordered anything.  It was from a company called Balenciaga.  That meant nothing to me so I started opening the box.  I realized that inside was a shoebox!  I smiled as I thought, “My Beautiful Bride ordered me some shoes!”  She was saving me from a trip to the mall.  My wife is so awesome!

I opened the box and realized that there must have been a mistake at the factory.  My Beautiful Bride would not have ordered these shoes.  Now, I don’t want to mock someone else’s style in shoes but these were not going on my feet!  Not only were they not a style she would have picked out, they were downright ugly!

When I realized that they were a size 12 and I am only a size 10 at best, I knew for a fact something was not right.  I was very confused as I searched through the box for some indication of what was going on.  Then I found the receipt… I immediately began tenderly placing these shoes back in the box.  I was honestly afraid that I was going to get in trouble for getting my greasy fingerprints on them.  Someone had paid over $700 for these shoes!

I walked into the bedroom and sweetly asked my bride, “Please tell me that you did not order me a new pair of shoes that cost over $700!”  She gave me a blank stare because she had no idea what I was talking about.  It took some research, but I found out that my Credit Card information had been stolen.  The purchase of these shoes had been made in my name.  Why they had this product shipped to me, I have no idea!  I certainly am not going to contact the thief and send them the shoes I unknowingly bought for them.

Some pirate had plundered my information and feigned my identity.  They had fooled the company and the bank.  They successfully purchased a product in my name.  I had not approved the purchase, nor was I privy to its occurrence until the purchase had been finalized.  This deed seemingly had been done by me but it was not me, and I had to prove that I had not made the purchase.

So how do you prove to a credit card company that you did not make the purchase?  How do they decide if you are the kind of client that would purchase a $700 pair of shoes?  They look at your purchasing history.  They inspect your buying habits to see if this is something you really would have done.  I for one showed no proneness to buy clothing at that price point.  With one look at the account, they agreed that this was not my purchase.

The fact that I showed no habit of making purchases of this kind made it a non-issue.  I never had a problem with my credit card company.  They were very understanding in the matter and immediately helped protect my account and identity.  The return shipping of the, what I assume must have been gold infused shoes, was paid for and I was given the promise that I would not be held responsible for the bill.

Now, if this had been some kind of electronic device – that would have been harder to fight.  I do have a tendency to purchase gadgets and gizmos.  But my addiction to those things is a topic for another day.  What I realized is that everything I do paints a picture of who I am.  Everything I say and even buy shows the world what kind of person I am.

The scriptures encourage us to have such a good conversation among the lost, that even when they speak evil against us, they will see our good works and be able to glorify God.  Our testimony should be good enough that when an evil accusation is made, it should not be difficult to refute.  When lies are told about us, those around us should not find it easy to believe that we would do such a thing.  Even the unchurched should be able to come to our defense.

God commands us to show forth the virtue of goodness.  To have such a good testimony that even the lost would say, “They are a good person.”  We should live a life where goodness is shown everywhere we go.


If someone followed us around and asked those we briefly encountered, “Would you say they are a good person?”  What kind of response would they give?  I for one, need to work on implementing goodness.  How about you?  Do you struggle with simply being good to others?  How important do you think our testimony is?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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