Kool-Aid & Jesus

Kool-Aid & Jesus

When it comes to serving Jesus, I learned this week that there is something we are missing.  We have forgotten the importance of Kool-Aid.

Just behind our house lived a special man.  I honestly could not tell you his last name.  His first name was Walter, but the kids took to calling him Mr. Walton for some reason.  I simply knew him as Mr. Walt.  He was a kind, elderly gentleman that took to loving on our kids.  Every time the kids saw him out in his yard they would ask to go see Mr. Walton.  They would run over to his house and visit for a few moments.  They always returned with some Kool-Aid.  But, if the kids saw them on the store shelves today, they would not know them as Kool-Aid; they are Mr. Walton drinks!

A few months ago Squirmy was sharing his day with Mr. Walt.  He learned that Mr. Walt did not go to church.  He asked Mr. Walt if he knew he was going to Heaven but did not get a clear answer.  Squirmy was concerned.  He asked me if I knew if Mr. Walt would be in Heaven.  I told him that only Mr. Walt and Jesus knew that answer.

The fact that Mr. Walt might not know about Jesus because he did not go to church bothered Squirmy.  He invited Mr. Walt to come with us a number of times but it never worked out.  So Squirmy got an idea.  He decided that if Mr. Walt couldn’t come to church to learn about Jesus then he needed a Bible to learn about Him.  Problem was that Squirmy did not have any money to go buy a Bible.  So he decided that he would do what he could.

I remember walking Squirmy over to Mr. Walt’s house and knocking on the door.  Squirmy proudly handed Mr. Walt his personal bible and told him that he wanted him to know about Jesus.  Mr. Walt did the natural thing and told Squirmy that he did not need to give him his Bible.  I politely explained that Squirmy was doing this because he loved him and wanted him to know how to go to Heaven.  He was not interested in hearing the gospel but he accepted the gift of the Bible.  We both left with a Mr. Walton drink 🙂

Mr. Walt passed away this last week.  As most deaths are, it was unexpected.  The kids both took the news extremely well but you could tell that they were going to miss out on their little visits with Mr. Walt.  Mr. Walt’s family was at the house cleaning things up.  His daughter came over and gave the kids the stash of Kool-Aid, she knew that it was meant for them anyway.  Along with the Kool-Aid came a special gift.  It was Squirmy’s old Bible in which she had written a note:

Squirmy asked me, “Will Mr. Walton be in Heaven?”  I again answered that I did not know, but I sure hoped so.  Later that week Squirmy was so excited to show me a place in that old Bible that he did not know was there.  It was a page titled, “How to get to Heaven” and it clearly gave the gospel.  Squirmy said, “Mabey Mr. Walton read this and got saved!”  I smiled, “Yes, you gave Mr. Walt an opportunity to learn about and trust in Jesus, and I hope that he did.”

My kids took the time to go visit Mr. Walt every chance we gave them.  They loved Mr. Walt and he knew it.  They were not constantly trying to get Mr. Walt saved, they simply loved him.  He shared Kool-Aid with them and they shared Jesus. Their desire for his salvation was a natural outcome of their love.

Far too often our desire to share the gospel with someone is born out of duty.  We share a tract, or invite someone to church simply because that is what we are supposed to do as Christians.  Honestly, that is not how it should be done.  We should learn from my children’s example.  We should share the good news with others because we love them, not because we are required to.

May we all learn to share Christ out of love and not as a requirement.  Perhaps, before being ready to receive the gospel from us some need to see that we actually care for them.  Oh, how wonderful it would be if we learned to share the love of Christ, not just the news of Christ.

Squirmy came to me later in the week with a huge smile on his face, “Wouldn’t if be funny if I saw Mr. Walton in Heaven and he had a juice for me!”  I laughed and agreed that it would be quite funny.  Then I thought for a moment.  Yes, if Mr. Walt read that Bible and trusted Jesus as his Savior I believe that’s the kind of God I serve.  If I get to Heaven before Squirmy, I am going to be looking for the man that is walking around with a Kool-Aid in one hand and Jesus in the other!


Did you learn as much from my children as I did?  Do you think that we have turned personal soul winning into a duty of Christianity?  Do you agree that we are failing to teach the importance of loving others?  Let us know what you think in the comments below?

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