The Perilous Particle

The Perilous Particle

This week I almost became a pirate.  Seriously!  I was close to losing an eyeball!

Our family had the privilege of working with the ministry of our Church owned and operated radio station, Gospel 90.3 FM.  It was our annual three-day donation drive that we call Restorathon.  It really is something that must be experienced to truly understand.  My whole family gets involved in this project because it is too exciting to stay away from.

I was tasked with a few on-air shifts as well as some organizational duties.  Yes, the picture is old but don’t we look cute!

My Beautiful Bride cooked up an awesome meal and took the front desk position for a few shifts.

The kids helped cook and counted out some of the money from their piggy banks to donate to the station.

I woke up the second morning of Restorathon and thought I had been stabbed in the eye.  I stumbled into the bathroom because I could barely see.  I highly expected to find a huge gash that had been sliced into my eyeball.  I searched but couldn’t find a thing.  Every time I blinked it felt like I was cutting into my own eyeball.  I splashed water in my eye and did everything else I could think of, but I couldn’t find any relief.  I had to get to the station, so I finally just left.

When people saw me, they were instantly concerned.  They started checking to see if I was okay.  I looked horrible.  My eye was watering like crazy.  Some began to wonder if I had a growth on the inside of my eyelid.  Others were asking if I had pink eye.  All that I knew wat that my eye hurt, and it hurt a lot!  I wondered if I in the process of losing an eye.

About midday, I couldn’t take it anymore!  I had to figure out what was going on.  You should understand that my eyes are extremely sensitive.  I wouldn’t even dream of trying contacts.  I can’t bring myself to touch my own eyeball.  At the eye doctors office, I have shocked many an optometrist with my ability to leap out of the chair at the slightest prodding around my eyes.  But, I could not take this pain any longer.  I began to pull my eyelids back in an attempt to reveal the needle that had wedged itself into my pupils.

There I finally found the tiny little speck.  But, try as I might, I could not get it out.  I had to get two people to help me.  I did my best to hold out my eyelid as one person held me still and shined a light on the annoying little particle.  Then my Beautiful Bride started to jab at it with a wet napkin to remove it.  She had to move quickly because I was flinching spastically at the slightest movement of her hand.

I have had sand in my eye before, so this was not a first experience or anything, but never have I had something so stuck in my eye that I simply could not get it out.  I couldn’t see it to remove it.  I couldn’t get to it.  I simply could not do it alone.  I knew what the problem was, but I seriously needed help.  Eventually, I had to swallow my pride and ask for assistance to get that tiny grain of sand out of my eye.

Sin is much the same way.  Sometimes we know what is wrong, but we are simply not strong enough to handle it on our own.  We have tried often enough, but are unable to successfully remove it from our lives.  For us to have victory, we must come to a point where we realize that we need help.  That is difficult because we then are faced with our own pride.  Oh, how we hate to admit that we need help.  To confess that we are sinners in need of assistance is a humbling thing, but if we don’t, we might never have the victory.

God designed the Church for exactly this purpose.  God knows that we are weak.  God knows that we need the help of others.  There are two things that we need, and we need them both because at some point you will find yourself in one of two positions:

Someone that needs help:

If you are here, you must be willing to confess your faults.  You must be willing to admit that your perfect Christianity is just an act.  The truth is that none of us are really as good as we pretend to be on Sunday.  We all struggle.  Sometimes we struggle with things that seem small, and we don’t think that they should be that big of a deal.  But they hurt, and we need help.  We must be willing to humble ourselves and seek out the help we need.

Someone that is able to help:

Often people don’t ask for help because they are afraid of how others will respond.  Perhaps they fear that others will be angry that they are facing this sin.  How could they do such a wicked thing!  Maybe they are worried that others will mock them for struggling with this tiny little sin.  After all, they shouldn’t be fighting with something so insignificant.  They should be a stronger Christian than that!  Then again, it might be that they fear the disdain and looks of disapproval from their fellow believers in Christ if they admit to their sin.

Those that are stronger in the faith must learn meekness.  We must learn to care about our fellow believers in Christ. To assist and not to tear down.  To realize that we are in the same battle that they are, and any soldier can be wounded.  A good Christian does not focus on what made the wound, but on what it is going to take to get this wounded Soldier back in the battle for the Lord.


How about you? Do you ever struggle to admit your own faults to others? What do think makes us keep those struggles hidden? What is it that we fear? Why is it that we are unwilling to share the burdens of our sin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “The Perilous Particle”

  1. It so true how we allow pride to hinder us from getting help or sharing our struggles with others.
    AWESOME article Michael!
    Continue to share your testimony and what our LORD lays upon your heart.

    1. I appreciate your kindness. May we all learn to humble ourselves and admit how helpless we truly are. I am grateful that though we are helpless, we certainly are not hopeless!

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