The Faulty Freezers

The Faulty Freezers

It is horrible to have a freezer die on you, but it is especially bad when quite a bit of time passes before you know it.  I have smelled some bad stuff before, but this – this was just rancid!

I received a call about a freezer.  A freezer that once contained a generous supply of meat that was just waiting to be thrown on the grill.  My Mother-in-law had opened this freezer and was assaulted by its pungent odor.  We arrived on the scene fully geared out in our hazmat suits.  Okay, I just wish we had brought hazmat suits!  The stench of the rotting flesh we found in this freezer is rather indescribable.  Even roadkill cannot compare.  Something about how it was closed up inside of that chest seemed to make it especially putrid!

My Beautiful Bride and I shoved some paper towels into our nasal passages in hopes that it would block out as much stench as possible.  It helped, but not nearly enough!  We quickly set to work removing the soggy meat.  Well, I got to work anyway.  She was a little preoccupied with documenting the entire process and laughing at my misery.  We bagged the filth, then double bagged it for safe measure; even with that, it still stunk!  We then began to carry out the gallons of blood that had melted away from the raw beef.  Obviously, this was not a difficult enough task; so the sprinkler system decided to kick on.  A video of this “wonderful” experience is available to those of you who have friended me on Facebook.

After hosing down, and bleaching the stench out of everything, I got started on the next faulty freezer.  This one was still working, the problem was that it had been working a bit too well.  Everything inside the freezer had fused into one solid chunk of meatcicle.  I spent a good while with a space heater, hammer, and chisel inside of that freezer.  I pounded and chipped, I smashed and shattered, I spent an hour or more hunched over that freezer trying to break free some of the meat that was buried within.  But, no matter how hard I worked, most of the meat could not be separated from the ice.

Now, I really did not like the stench of the freezer that had gotten too warm, but I spent just as much time working on the freezer that was too cold.  Honestly, I have not even finished that job yet.   Both freezers were faulty, meat could not be obtained from either one.  They both failed on the opposite side of the spectrum; the first was way too warm, the second was way too cold.  Though they failed in opposite ways, both freezers were useless.  You could not enjoy the steak’s that either of the faulty freezers contained.

I am reminded of something my father told me as I was growing up.  It is a truth that I have never forgotten.  My father taught me that life is about finding balance.  We must find the balance in almost every area of our lives.  We are to learn how to balance time with our family and the time we spend at work.  We should strive to forgive, but also know how to be just.  We must endeavor to properly discipline our children, but also know how to show mercy.  In just about every area of life, there is a proper balance to be found.

The scriptures teach us that we should be temperate in all things.  It does not matter on which side we fall out of balance, both are faulty.  We can get so law focused that we have no grace, but we can also be so grace focused that we throw out the law.  The scriptures teach that we are to be balanced.  We should understand God’s mercy, but also strive to follow after righteousness.  You can fall out of balance on either side, and both are just as wrong.


Have you ever found yourself out of balance on something?  I know that I sure have!  Where do you think we struggle being balanced the most?  Share with us what you are thinking in the comments below.

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