The Slippery Swine

The Slippery Swine

I have never tried to wrestle a greased pig – I do however think that I understand why this example is used as a metaphor of things found almost impossible.  Lately, I feel like I have been fighting with a well-oiled porker!

I have been working on setting up a backup system for our family photos and videos.  This has caused a lot of nostalgia the last few days.  Just watching some of the pictures flash by as I am transferring them has brought up so many memories.  It has also caused me to ask the question, “Where has the time gone?”

During the process of backing up our photos, a few little videos have been automatically created.  This one was given the title, “They Grow Up So Fast”:

If you are having issues playing this video – please click here to watch.

Oh, how fleeting time is!  I entered into this year with the goal of making better choices with my time.  I was adamant that I was going to spend more time doing what was important, and less time on things that really didn’t matter in the long run.  I had a lot of good intentions, then I turned around and said, “What happened to January?”  It is so hard to believe that we are already a month into this year – didn’t it just start?

There are so many things that consume our time.  I find that if I am not proactive in guarding my time, it simply flys away.  This last month I have been extremely busy, but often I feel like I have accomplished nothing.  Yes, some needed projects were finished, but the things that were more important to me, those seemed to get left behind.

The scriptures warn us to “Redeem the time.”  The picture is that our time must be recaptured from all that steals it away.  If we are not consistently trying to buy it all back, then we will find it has all been spent on things that really don’t matter.  Our time must be actively protected, or it will be promptly devoured.  How true the statement is, “You must guard your own time, for no one else will.”

As I write this, I wonder why I am writing it.  I guess that in part I am trying to encourage you, and myself, to keep on wrestling this greased pig to the ground.  To continue to fight the battle, even though we might have lost some precious time already.  I could also just be whining that I lost an entire month, and really cannot figure out where it all went.   Then again, I might just be crying out for someone to give me that one silver bullet that will help me conquer time management.  I know it doesn’t exist, but hey a guy can hope, can’t he?

All in all, I know that I am not the only one amongst us that is fighting to claim the victory over his schedule.  I have no doubt that some of you reading this feel much like I do.  You feel like you are losing time, not gaining control over it.  May I encourage us all to not give up.   Winning our time is worth the battle.

Learning to apply temperance to our lives is never an easy thing.  Our flesh is a difficult foe to control.  I implore you to take those tips of time management (like going to bed and getting up at the same time – oh how I struggle with this one!) that you are trying to implement and keep at it!  Don’t give up just yet!


So, are you one of us?  Are you fighting to grasp some control of the reigns of your time?  What techniques are working for you?  What has completely failed?  Let us know in the comments below!

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