The Rail of Blessings

The Rail of Blessings

I have heard it said that life is much like the two rails of a railroad track. Your outlook and enjoyment of life depends upon which rail you lean on. You can focus on the rail of trouble, or you can place your attention on the rail of blessings. This week, as we were on a trip to see some friends, we had much of both.

The Rail of Trouble:  My Beautiful Bride and I decided to take all 5 of the kids with us to a local Children’s Museum.  It was amazing!  It was also a mad house, jam packed with people.  We were constantly surrounded by a mob of families.  When it came time for us to sit down for lunch, there was not a free table in sight!

The Rail of Blessing:  A little girl came out of nowhere and asked if we were looking for a table.  I said yes, and she proceeded to take me to a table they were done with.  They even held the table for us while I gathered the rest of the clan.

The Rail of Trouble:  We also chose to attend the zoo.  It was quite cold, but we had a good time playing in the snow.  The kids however were exhausted, and there was a lot of walking required.

The Rail of Blessing:  Another random stranger stopped us and asked us if we wanted to use the stroller they had rented.  We naturally accepted the kind gift and were able to stay a lot longer than we would have otherwise.

The Rail of Trouble:  Of all times for my home alarm system to go wacko, it chose to happen while we were away.  I started getting calls that my fire alarm was going off in test mode.  I did not know what that meant exactly, and as I tried to figure out what was really going on, the Fire Department showed up at my place.

The Rail of Blessing:  One call to my neighbor and he quickly popped over to let them in so they would not need to break down my door!  He was quick to help, and then kept a close eye on our home the rest of the time we were away since he knew that our alarm was malfunctioning.

The Rail of Trouble:  Our trip was over, and we were ready to head home.  The plane we were to take home was however not quite so prepared.  We arrived at the airport, but the plane was nowhere to be found.

The Rail of Blessing:  Right next to our gate was this wonderful little play place.  It helped keep the kids occupied as we waited the extra time.

The Rail of Trouble:  The plane was running way behind.  I was concerned that we were going to miss our connecting flight.

The Rail of Blessing:  As I shared my fears with the airline, they immediately told me that we were already taken care of.  They had pre-booked the family on the next flight just in case, and notated our tickets so that we would not be stuck without help.  They had done all of this before I ever thought to ask!

The Rail of Trouble:  Our little trip was going to last longer than we anticipated.  We got sent on an unexpected adventure in Philadelphia because we did miss our connecting flight.  Yes, we were booked on the next flight out, but it was not leaving until late the next morning.

The Rail of Blessing:  The airline set us up with a hotel, and gave us meal vouchers to use while we were waiting.  The hotel was very nice, and the airline gave us more than enough money to feed our family.  We were even able to buy a meal for the next person in line behind us!

Yes, there were some things that happened that were not exactly “fun”.  There were parts of our adventure that were not what we desired them to be.  If I wanted, I could focus on those things, and really say that our trip was miserable.  Or, I can choose to focus on the Rail of Blessings.  When I choose to place my attention there, I realize that God really took care of us is so many ways.  Many times He provided for the need even before I knew there was one.


I encourage you to focus on the rail of blessings this week.  Amidst all of the trouble, there are blessings to enjoy.  May we see those blessings, and be thankful for them!  Do you often struggle to keep your focus on the right rail? It is hard for you to see beyond the trials some days? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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