The Chance Encounter

The Chance Encounter

The Christmas season is definitely my favorite time of year. There are so many things that I enjoy about the winter season. But, I would be remiss if I did not admit that there are certain things that I do not enjoy.  Let me tell you about something I can’t stand about this time of year:

Traveling comes with the holidays, and as more people are traveling – the traffic gets worse.  Recently I was traveling with one of my favorite people.  They have been driving in our area for many years.  We were only going a few miles, but at almost every turn they would grumble, “This traffic!”

We have all been there – well, perhaps with the exception of some of my Alaskan friends that is!  We get into heavy traffic and it is very easy to start grumbling and complaining about how many cars there are.  Then when the traffic comes to a standstill and you sit for hours on the highway – I don’t know a single person who can get through that nightmare without some kind of whining!

Like many at this time of year, I have been putting some extra miles on the vehicles this month.  It was during one of these road trips that I was hit with how much traffic there really was.  I started wondering how many people I was driving by.  Thousands upon thousands of people all heading somewhere.  So many that I will never see again, I will never actually meet, and I would never have a conversation with.  When we are in traffic, we are simply blowing by so many people!

Then I pull over to refuel the tank and I meet a very special man.  He and his wife were an elderly couple that were in between traveling to nursing homes in the area.  This man was good enough to take his time and speak with me.  He explained how they would spend a few moments with those in the nursing homes, just talking and sharing the good news of Christ.  He then was good enough to stop and listen as I briefly told him that I was a preacher on my way home from a meeting.  In our few moments together I believe that we were both encouraged, and then we both went our separate ways.

How many of these chance encounters do we have while we are traveling.  We find ourselves at some random restaurant, gas station, airport terminal, or wherever our traveling takes us.  We bump into one of these crazy people that are causing all this traffic we hate. The encounter is brief, most of the time it is only a few mere moments.  Then we both go our ways and will probably never see each other again.

How rare are these encounters.  Out of the thousands of people we could see at the pump that day – it is this person.  Out of all the people we pass on a days journey, we only have the opportunity to talk to this one individual.  How often are we good enough to say hello.  To speak a word of encouragement, to share the good news in a gospel tract, or to simply be kind.

As we travel this Christmas season, may we make the most of our chance encounters.  May we practice goodness.  May we be open to the Spirits leading to what He may desire for the chance encounter we may be given.  May we take the time to make the most of who we may come across in our travels – we never know who it may be!

Are you prepared to make the most of the chance encounters this season? If the Lord gives you a chance encounter that you would like to share, please let us know about it in the comments below.

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