The Simple Shelter

The Simple Shelter

We all face storms in our lives. Sometimes the storms we face are small, other times we face hurricane like winds of trials. Whatever the strength of the storm or trial – no storm is enjoyable. There are always struggles in the midst of a storm, and there are always lessons to be learned!  Here are a few lessons I learned from the last storm I faced:

You never really know when a storm is going to hit

Everything was going my way.  I was out on a hike, and the day was beautiful.  The weather was cool and everything was just perfect.  I was enjoying the hike as I meandered down the trail, pausing briefly to take a look at some of the wildlife.  All was well – until I found myself in the middle of a storm.  The wind and rain started to pick up.  My hike quickly became less enjoyable.

We never know what the future holds.  We cannot accurately predict when a storm of trials will enter our lives.  When a storm comes, it is because life is full of storms.  We cannot control the coming of the storm, we only can control our reaction to the storm that comes.

Sometimes the storm comes before the shelter

I was at least a few miles away from my vehicle at this point.  I was also on a land bridge that crossed a rather large lake.  I was going to get wet, and there was nothing I could do about it.  The storm had hit and there was no shelter to be had.  The only shelter available was on the other side of the lake.

We know that God is a “shelter in the time of storm”.  But there are times that God wants us to feel the full force of the storm before He brings the comfort of the shelter.  This is not because he is cruel or unkind, but because he knows what is best for us and will often use the discomfort to strengthen our faith in Him.

The shelter is not always leak proof

The shelter available to me was rather small.  It had a little roof, screened walls, and a bench.  I crawled under the little awning and quickly realized that it was not keeping out all the rain.  Just about everything was wet, including myself.  I was still being hit by the wind and rain.  I was not as wet as if I had no shelter at all, but I was still feeling the affects of the storm.

The storms of life are still going to affect us, even when we are sheltered by our Saviour.  We are still going to feel the discomfort and pain.  We are still going to struggle.  When we lose a loved one, we hurt and we cry.  But, because we have a shelter, we “sorrow not as others which have no hope”.  Yes, the storm is still a storm and we feel the pain, but oh how grateful we should be for the shelter we have!

There are so many that do not understand the shelter

As I sat in the shelter I watched as some of the wildlife braved the storm.  They were close to the shelter, they saw the shelter, they knew about the shelter, but they did not understand the shelter.  I would have told them about it… but I don’t speak bird.

Those that don’t know Christ don’t understand the shelter He provides in the times of storm.  They face many of the same storms of life that we face, but they do it without the shelter.  How important it is for us to cry out the wonders of our shelter to those who have none!  Sadly, we can find ourselves crying because our shelter does not keep out all the “rain” and oh how others must think that our shelter is not all that it claims to be.

Don’t seek refuge elsewhere

The rain calmed down.  I decided to go ahead and continue down the trail.  I saw that there was a large oak tree, and thought that it might be able to protect me better than my current shelter.  I walked down to the tree and realized that it was not going to be of any use whatsoever.  The rain had started up lightly, and I could not find a single bit of shelter under that tree.  I had to get back to my original shelter, because the worst of the storm was about to hit!

Often we are tempted to try and shelter ourselves in something other then Christ. We are tired of the pain that He is allowing and simply want to find a better protector. But, there is none. He always is and always will be the best shelter. He only allows in the pain that is necessary to our growth. He is trustworthy, and all other shelters will fail us!


I hope that these simple thoughts are a blessing to you. Just some things that came to mind as I enjoyed some time hiking with my Saviour, and enjoying His peace in the midst of the storm!  Did any of this bring any thoughts to your heart and mind. Let us know in the comments below:

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7 thoughts on “The Simple Shelter”

  1. Thanks Mike that message is good for anyone, Anyone that doesn’t know God personally or anyone that does. You are so special.

    1. Thank you most kindly for your encouragement. God is good to us, even in the storms. Often we can find ourselves like Peter, focusing on the storm rather than the Saviour.

  2. Thank you, Bro. Mike, for sharing what the Lord placed on your heart. I needed this perfect illustration and reminder this morning!

  3. As I read this I soon realized it was not a coincidence. The timeliness could not be more perfect. I am in the midst of some fierce battles. So many things happening, health worsening, and dealing with people judging. With no one around it is a very lonely place to be in. Your article was such a blessing. Thank you!

    1. I am so happy that the Lord could use this to be an encouragement. We all face the storms, and we all struggle in the storms. I pray that the Lord’s shelter of comfort will be even more real to you at this time. Even when your shelter seems to leak, know that He cares for you!

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