The Ignored Issues

The Ignored Issues

Have you ever had a small problem and you hoped that if you ignored it long enough – it would just go away?  I am not referring to some huge issue of life; just a small annoying thing that seems to more trouble than it’s worth.  Does ignoring an issue ever really solve anything?

I have a small problem that I constantly ignore, and it really has caused me some issues.  I don’t really understand why, but for some reason, I must really hate taking out the trash.  I can see it piling up; I know that the trash can is starting to overflow.  I know that I really need to take it out, but it’s just so time-consuming!  I am a busy guy, I don’t have time to take out the trash!

One such day I was getting ready to leave the office when I noticed that my trash had been compacted to its limits.  The trash was beginning to heap into a pile, and it was becoming a challenge to add the smallest piece of rubbish to my collection without it causing an avalanche.  I really need to take out the trash.  So, I buckled down and decided that I would take it out… tomorrow.

As was my custom, I totally ignored the issue when I walked into the office the next day.  I probably sat there for an hour or more before I finally glanced over at the overflowing trash can.  It was then that I realized I was not alone:imag0432

At some point, my trash can had become the feasting table of a large colony of ants.  The trail was at least five ants wide and wound itself from the window and across the entire length of the office.  I would estimate that there were at least a few hundred ants meandering their way around the office.  That is not counting the massive ant party that was being held inside of the trash can.  I do not think that I would be exaggerating to say that there were a thousand ants in my office!

imag0433Well, I couldn’t ignore the issue any longer!  I had to go out and find something to deal with it now; my little issue had simply grown out of control.  I spent just about the next hour seeking out some ant spray, cleaning up the mess, and finally taking out the trash.  I had successfully turned a small 5-minute project of taking out the trash into a much larger problem.  One that could have been avoided if I had just not ignored the small issue.

We all are tempted to ignore the little things.  Somehow we convince ourselves that the little issues will simply go away on their own; if we ignore them long enough.  But, they never do!  Small problems always find a way to turn into big ones.

A little bit of temperance, or self-control, would go a long way in making us more diligent!  We would all do ourselves a great favor if we would just learn to stop ignoring the little issues, and deal with them while they are still small.


How about you? Have you ever tried to ignore a little issue and it turned into something much bigger? Have any tips to share that help you to stay on top of the “little” things?

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